Hello world!

So I joined the ranks of bloggers today…

Of all forms of communication perhaps other than listening, writing is my absolute natural default.  To be without a pen is to be undressed or unprepared for the day.  Yes I have an ipad, a laptop, a keyboard, even a smart phone, a near decent amateur typing speed and a moderately useful texting speed but don’t ever deprive me of my pen and my paper, colours and boxes, underlinings and asterixes!

I wrote a diary from the age of 8, inspired by my grandmother who had a collection of over 50 until some time before she died and rashly had them burned on the dining room open fire.  Mostly they described a catalogue of meals cooked, jumble sales, Methodist Bright Hour meetings and crochets completed but it would have been nice to read them.

My own were increasingly personal and top secret.  However I was  convicted about the self absorption of such activity at the age of 18.  My journalling was spiralling out of control and I spent so much time at it that there was less and less activity to describe and more and more reflection to divulge.  Then I read in “Surprised by Joy” by CS Lewis that one day we will find out what God thinks was important about our lives and it will bear little relevance to the priorities and focus we had. I let it go and decided to live free of introspection, for a while anyway.

The writing resurrected in various forms ranging from part finished convoluted autobiography to work presentations until eventually I decided that for me it was primarily a form of spiritual exploration and awareness, therapeutic contemplation and even prayer.

I’ll be looking at this blog as an opportunity to integrate what I sense has become a number of different voices.  In this noisy age where business has to have a market niche and a clear identity and few new ideas appear to be left to discover, I will experiment with the integration of a personal, private, public and mass marketing voice.  Let’s see if you find this confusing, refreshing or truly authentic.

After various cycles of career, relationship, ministry, failure, fighting and recovery, endurance and uncertainty, that is the one thing I both aspire to be and help others to be too……truly authentic

You may not know what you’re going to get but you can certainly share what you already have